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We knew from the beginning our story wasn’t typical. From dating in high school, being apart for 9 years, reuniting, having two boys 11 months apart, to always owning a business and homeschooling our kids, well, you can see we chose a different path than most.
We’re often asked, “How did you get the idea for a dry cleaning pick up and delivery service?”

That too was an odd path. We’ve owned twelve different service businesses (some of them even worked!) and have always enjoyed serving others.

After Hurricane Charley destroyed our dry cleaning plant in 2004 we rebuilt and then sold our partners our portion so we could move “home to Georgia”.
Glen became the Director of Small to Mid-sized Business at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce but after five years of working for others, we decided we had too much passion for entrepreneurship to ignore and, using what we learned in the business in Florida, we launched Dry Cleaning Connection in 2010.

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