Thanks for signing up for your dry cleaning + laundry pick up and delivery service. I know you will love it!

You should have received a text message asking you to opt in. Please accept this so you will receive the reminders of service the night before your service days. For your first service simply use a bag of any type with a note on top that says “cleaners”. Please place it at your front door by 8am on the next service day.

If the next regular service day is not soon enough and you need service right away, please send your team a message and we’ll schedule a pick up immediately. When we return your items they will be in a convertible laundry/garment bag for future use.

We try to keep the system simply and I’m happy to answer any questions you have.


Your $10 Off is Applied to Your First Service

Gift from Your Team


19.99 Gift Tumbler

Sit back, relax, and take a sip!


4.99 Free Door Hanger Hook

Your hanging dry cleaning + laundry service has never been easier. Included in your New Client Kit for service your team has provided you a black metal door hanger hook that will fit most doors. Your team will pick up and deliver at any spot you choose.


9.99 Free 2-in-1 Garment Bag

This reusable eco-friendly garment bag helps reduce single-use plastic waste by featuring 2-in-1 uses. The bag that converts into a garment bag with a convenient shoulder-strap for your pick-ups. While doubling as a delivery bag with a convenient zipper for your freshly finished garments. It will hold between 8-to-10 items. Any orders more than 8 garments your team will provide more garment bags to reduce single-use plastics in our enviroment.


9.99 Free Laundry Tote

Your laundry service has been reimagined with you in mind! Your service includes a laundry tote for you to use. Place your dirty garments inside, cinch, and place outside your front door for your service.

Your Team