Are you actively looking for a new home? Are you finding it difficult to find a home in this market? Are you curious about what Beer, Real Estate, and Business leadership have in common?

Glen sits down with Jake Mullins of Mullins Pro Realty Group to find out. Mullins Pro Realty has become the Top Rated Zillow Team in the country even during the pandemic and this volatile market. Jake is an Author and Serial Entrepreneur who enjoys beer.

Are you a business owner and an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you want massive success? Then the Beer and Business Podcast is for you! Jake is the founder and one of the hosts. They strip out the BS, photo filters, and nonsense to deliver REAL actionable strategies for normal people like you. They deliver sizzling hot content along with lots of laughs to keep it fun!

This show has it all! Comedy, smart stuff, success strategies, and yes…. BEER!

Learn more about Jake and his many business projects below.

Mullins Pro Realty

Beer and Business Podcast

Adapted Leadership: A New Breakthrough on Harnessing Leadership Style

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