Every business has a story, and at Dry Cleaning Connection, ours is unique. Our journey began in 2010, and it’s a tale of family, passion, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. In this blog post, we invite you to step behind the scenes and discover the heartwarming story that led to the creation of Dry Cleaning Connection.

High School Sweethearts: Our story begins with high school sweethearts, a love story that would shape the foundation of our business.

Nine Years Apart: Life took us on separate paths for nine years, but our connection remained strong.

Reuniting and Starting a Family: Reuniting, we soon started a family, welcoming two boys just eleven months apart.

A History of Business Ownership: Our entrepreneurial spirit led us to own twelve different service businesses, each teaching valuable lessons.

Hurricane Charley’s Impact: In 2004, Hurricane Charley destroyed our dry cleaning plant, setting the stage for a new beginning.

Rebuilding and Moving “Home to Georgia”: We rebuilt and eventually sold our portion to return to Georgia.

Glen’s Role at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce: Glen became the Director of Small to Mid-sized Business at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Returning to Entrepreneurship: After five years working for others, we realized our passion for entrepreneurship couldn’t be ignored.

Launching Dry Cleaning Connection: Using the knowledge we gained in Florida, we launched Dry Cleaning Connection in 2010.

Family-Based Business: Our proudest accomplishment is our family-based business, driven by love and shared dedication.

The Team: Meet the incredible team that makes Dry Cleaning Connection a reality, dedicated to serving you.

Tammy: Our business owner, is a wife and mother who enjoys crafting, traveling, and time with her family.

Glen: A serial entrepreneur and professional speaker, is Tammy’s “yes man” and father to their two young boys.

Grant: The creative master, manages our social media and keeps our business in front of clients.

Carson: Our operations expert, ensures clients receive an amazing experience.

Marcia: Plays a crucial role in our team’s success.

Charlotte: A UWG grad, ensures we deliver on our promises with grace and a friendly smile.

The Path to Dry Cleaning Connection: Our unique journey paved the way for the birth of Dry Cleaning Connection.

The Power of Family: Our family-driven approach sets us apart and infuses our service with warmth and care.

A Business with Heart: Our commitment to serving you with heart and dedication is at the core of our business.

Exceptional Service: Exceptional client service is our promise, and we strive to deliver on it every day.

A Different Path: Our journey may not be typical, but it’s a path we’ve chosen with determination.

A Story of Dedication: Our story is a testament to the power of dedication and the love that fuels our business.

Unwavering Commitment: Our journey reflects our unwavering commitment to serving you and simplifying your life.

Our Ongoing Story: In conclusion, the story of Dry Cleaning Connection is a living narrative, one that continues to be written with each service we provide. Join us on this journey, and experience the heart and dedication that drive our family-based business.