Like you, our team loves spending time on nature walks through our beautiful parks. Our family loves to hike High Falls, Indian Springs, and FDR State Park. Our planet is breathtaking with its marvelous spirit-healing views.

Our team believes even the smallest of good choices will impact our planet. Since 2017, you’ve helped us switch from using single-use plastics to using Green Convertible Garment Bags.

You’ve already helped us save tens of thousands of single-use plastics from being thrown away into our landfills by switching. Your team is committed to continuing this mission by continuing to offer extra Green Bags with orders of 8 or more items to prevent even more plastic from ending up in our landfills.

While our team continues this mission we can only do this with your help.

Please send back your extra unused Green Bags to continue the mission of removing as many single-use plastics from our environment as possible.

What if I don’t need service?

Your team is here to serve you when you need us! If you don’t need us but have extra Green Bags lying around please put them outside your front door on your scheduled pickup day (or request service off-schedule too). Your driver is happy to pick up those bags from your front porch to further the mission of being Green Clean.

I still get plastic bags on my items sometimes. Did you run out of Green Bags?

While we intend to remove as many single-use plastics from the environment as we can, there are times when we must use single-use plastic bags. You can rest assured that we are the only cleaner in the region using biodegradable plastic single-use bags. While we have run short lately our team has ordered more Green Bags to use and should arrive soon.

Can I send in my unused hangers too?

Yes, our team currently recycles hundreds of hangers each week and we’re happy to pick up hangers even if you do not need service that week.