In this podcast episode, Glen Gould interviews Arthur Fessenden, a cruising expert from The Art of Cruising. Arthur emphasizes that his services are free, and he books people for cruises all around the world. He highlights that his experience in visiting numerous countries allows him to provide valuable insights to travelers, helping them get a sense of what to expect in their desired destinations.

Glen discusses Arthur’s extensive worldwide reach and the unique places he has booked cruises to, which often go beyond the typical tourist destinations. Arthur mentions the benefits of cruising, such as the abundance of activities and amenities offered by cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, especially for families and kids. They also touch upon the importance of considering the preferences of individuals and the significance of food options on a cruise.

Arthur shares his expertise in group cruises and highlights the convenience of cruising for larger groups, as it allows for shared experiences without the hassle of cooking or cleaning. Glen and Arthur also discuss various aspects of Arthur’s personal life, including his political background, love for golf, and his residence in Douglas County. They briefly mention some favorite restaurants, particularly sushi places.

Finally, they delve into the intricacies of planning cruises, addressing common concerns and the personalized assistance Arthur provides to his clients, such as rate adjustments and detailed pre-trip guidance. The episode concludes with a discussion about different cruise options, including ocean cruises on large ships and river cruises on smaller vessels, highlighting the contrasting experiences and atmospheres of each.

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