We’ve all been there. You invite your friends over for the big game. One of them accidentally spills salsa on your favorite grey cushion cover. You do a quick spot clean with dish soap and water, then flip it over for a clean look.

Months later, your child drops pizza sauce on the same cushion while having a slumber party. You do the same routine – spot clean it with soap and water. You flip it over and realize: OH NO, there is a spot on their underside too. You cannot remember how that spot got there.

You quickly put that sofa cushion in your washer. You use your favorite name-brand soap to have the stains come out. Then you replace your cushion cover after it drys only to find that the cushioning doesn’t fit – the cushion cover is too small. You notice your grey is whiter than the other cushions. How did this happen?

These are some of the common mistakes when caring for your sofa cushions. Here is how to fix it.

Spot Clean Lightly and Less Often

Use a microfiber cloth with water. Lightly dab (avoid swiping or massaging as much as possible) the stained area. If the stain persists use a small amount (about a drop) of dish soap (Dawn preferred).

Use Specialized Spotting Agents

While name-brand soaps are excellent for many uses, Sofa Cushion Covers may be one category where they may make things worse. Use specialized spotting agents before cleaning. You may need to retreat and run another wash cycle – this will prevent setting the stain even further.

Clean All Cushions Together

All your cushion covers share the same atmosphere and wear. Sunlight, temperature, and overall usage play a role in the life-spawn of your sofa. Clean all your cushions together in the same process to have your entire cushions look and feel the same. While preventing sofa cushions from having a different color or texture to them.

Your team is here for you to live the best life possible. Your expert team member will pick up and deliver your sofa cushions to your home with no additional charge for a hassle-free experience. Your team member will aid in the removal and replacement process of your sofa cushions for service. Let a team member know of your schedule – your team will get to work for you.