Wash and Fold

Did you know Wednesday and Saturday are the two biggest days of the week for doing laundry? Don’t waste your precious family time doing chores! We can help. Using high-quality, fragrance and dye free detergents, we’ll sort, launder, dry, and fold your laundry. Then we’ll pack it ready to be opened and put away. It’s so easy!

We’ll schedule prompt pickup and speedy delivery of your laundry. You’ve got more important things to do than laundry.

Resort-style Linen

Cleaned and Pressed

Ever wondered why your high-quality sheets don’t feel as great as the ones at five-star resorts and hotels? It’s not because you don’t have the same or better quality linens, it’s because they press their sheets. High quality cotton (Sea Island, Pima, and Egyptian varieties to name a few) have a wonderful hand and are soft. When pressed, the fibers lay down and provide a luxurious feel that leads to greater comfort and more restful sleep. Try it!


and Blankets too

Who doesn’t love curling up with their favorite blanket or comforter? We rely on these items to make us feel at home. But they need to be professionally cleaned to look and feel their best, and to ensure years of service. We recommend cleaning these items at least at the beginning and end of each season. Free pick up and delivery.

Area Rugs

The unsung heroes of decor and comfort are area rugs. Whether oriental, family heirloom, or simple solid design, the right rug makes the room. And they take a beating, even in the least traveled room in the home. Dust, dirt, foot traffic and pets can take a toll on your rugs, but we can make them clean and fresh again. Using low-water, environmentally friendly chemicals, we’ll get them looking clean and smelling fresh. And we’ll come in and remove furniture and reset your rug if necessary.