Our next episode of Connections is now Live! Today we sit down and talk with Dana Black of Constantly Varied Nutrition.

She is committed to raising the bar for nutrition coaching, educating the community that food is not to be feared and creating impact and empowerment in people’s lives so they can achieve their goals.

She was able to “out train” a marginally decent Standard American Diet growing up dancing every day and then taking aerobics and weight training classes throughout high school and working at the local skating rink. It wasn’t until college that that plan went south. She became mostly sedentary, which combined with a diet of campus food and fast food, lent itself to a 20-pound weight gain over a 6-month time frame. This was when she started “dieting.”

For the next 7 years, she struggled with her weight. Losing it, gaining it back, losing more and gaining that back too. Dana stopped looking at herself in the mirror because she didn’t like what she saw. The emotional roller coaster that accompanied all this made it even worse.

It was June 2006 when she finally looked at herself in the mirror again. Over the next 14 months, she lost 80 pounds and have kept it off for over 12 years. She wishes that she could say the initial weight loss was via “healthy” means, but that would be a lie. What this time period in her life did provide her was an insatiable passion to truly find out what healthy nutrition looked like.

Since that time she has self-educated herself, gone back to college, received multiple certifications in the field of nutrition and will continue learning in this field for the rest of her life.

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