Kenneth C. Williams shares his experience and expertise as a recognized trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant in education and leadership. He is the chief visionary officer of Unfold the Soul, a company dedicated to helping schools both live their posters, and engage in practices that make equity actionable. A leading authority in the areas of collaboration, leadership, school culture, equity, and peak performance, Ken is skilled in joining the why of our work to the how of our work. Known for his provocative and engaging combination of ‘heart, humor, and hammer,’ Ken is an expert at helping schools build capacity in the collective commitments required of school culture’s aspiring to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

Ken’s background includes a BA from Morehouse College and he also holds a Masters degree in Education from the University of Bridgeport and a Leadership Certificate from the Bowie State University. For more than 20 years, Ken has served as a distinguished teacher, mentor, advocate, speaker, and school leader. Ken is the author of two books. His latest is a bestseller written with Tom Hierck; Starting A Movement, Building Culture From The Inside-Out in PLC’s.

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