Dr. Philip J. Crane, D.C., is an Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor who partners with athletes and individuals who seek physical peak performance.

Phil’s non-invasive approach to optimum health focuses on a full-body approach to care getting to the root cause of your problem fast.

He grew up watching how much chiropractic and AK helped his dad’s patients and wanted to grow up helping people in the same way. His exposure to chiropractic care started when he was born when his father (also a chiropractor) “caught” Phil because the midwives didn’t make it on time. And his first words were “occiput,” “vertebra,” and “subluxation” because of his exposure to the benefits of chiropractic care at a young age.

He is a graduate of McIntosh High School and a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. During his studies, he became certified in Applied Kinesiology, was involved in the X-Ray Intern program and Sherman College Lyceum. Additionally, Dr. Crane served as President of the Applied Kinesiology Club.

Today, he is a resident of Peachtree City, where he and his wife, Dr. Gillian J. Crane, have a love/hate relationship with home improvement. They have two fur babies, Beau (mixed breed) and Zeus (Italian Greyhound) and can be found at Line Creek Brewery when he is not playing video games in their downtime.

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