Did you know that you should clean your rugs at least once a year?

Experts and manufacturers say that cleaning your rugs at least every year (and every few months if you have pets and are a “shoes on” household) is the best way to preserve your rugs and make them last for a long time.

Not only is cleaning your rugs practical, having fresh rugs means not working about all of those nasty stuff that may linger in the fibers (more on that below).

Now imagine yourself not having to worry about your rugs this week – because we have you covered.

Why Should I Clean My Rugs?

While every household is different, these are some things you might want to keep in mind that may be lurking in your rugs.

  1. Dirt
  2. Viruses
  3. Animal Hair & Feces
  4. Bugs
  5. Dust mites (and their droppings – yuck!)

How Does It Work?

We’ll deliver your rugs like your dry cleaning – just like you’re used to. We’ll deliver it right at your front door or your specified location on your profile.

Yes, this includes FREE delivery. How can you can go wrong with that.

We’ll professionally clean, dry, and package your rugs that is suitable for storage. You’ll receive it clean and ready to be put away or unrolled for use!