Podcast 23: Beat Pollen Season Like a Pro!

Get ready to combat the dreaded yellow wave! Join Glen Gould and Cameron Clark as they spill the secrets to conquering pollen season in style. From power washing prowess to painting perfection, Cameron dishes out expert advice on prepping your home for the ultimate spring refresh. Discover the must-know tips for tackling pesky pollen, avoiding property pitfalls, and scoring pristine results. Don't let pollen ruin your plans—click now to unlock the ultimate cleaning hacks with Cameron Clark's exclusive insights!

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Podcast 25: Unlock Your Writing Potential Now!

Denise Michaels is a book visionary – as a coach and ghostwriter, she helps people create books that make readers’ lives better and authors are proud of for years to come. Her clients span the globe. She crystallizes what’s changing in the world, combined with your expertise and passion, into a book that positions you as an influential leader in your field. She’s worked with mega-bestselling authors as a trainer, speaker, and coach. She’s helped many people become bestselling authors. Clients who take her straight-shooting, compassionate advice get support, expertise, and hands-on guidance.

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Podcast 24: Transforming Fitness with Skye Best

Skye Best, the franchise owner of Hotworx in Newnan, Georgia, discusses the unique features and benefits of her fitness studio in a video interview. She highlights how their intimate and welcoming environment sets them apart from traditional gyms, where many people feel judged and intimidated. Hotworx offers hot yoga and other workouts in a semi-private setting, providing a comfortable and low-impact fitness experience.

The studio is open 24 hours a day, with virtual instructors leading 11 different workouts that restart every 15 or 30 minutes. Skye Best shares her personal journey and how her own positive experience with Hotworx led her to open the business in her community. She emphasizes the importance of referrals and the positive impact of social media in spreading the word about their unique offerings. Despite juggling multiple responsibilities as a business owner and a parent with three children, Skye acknowledges the support of her husband and their ability to work as a team.

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Podcast 23: The Art of Cruising: Exploring the World with Arthur Fessenden

In this podcast episode, Glen Gould interviews Arthur Fessenden, a cruising expert from The Art of Cruising. Arthur emphasizes that his services are free, and he books people for cruises all around the world. He highlights that his experience in visiting numerous countries allows him to provide valuable insights to travelers, helping them get a sense of what to expect in their desired destinations.

Glen discusses Arthur's extensive worldwide reach and the unique places he has booked cruises to, which often go beyond the typical tourist destinations. Arthur mentions the benefits of cruising, such as the abundance of activities and amenities offered by cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, especially for families and kids. They also touch upon the importance of considering the preferences of individuals and the significance of food options on a cruise.

Arthur shares his expertise in group cruises and highlights the convenience of cruising for larger groups, as it allows for shared experiences without the hassle of cooking or cleaning. Glen and Arthur also discuss various aspects of Arthur's personal life, including his political background, love for golf, and his residence in Douglas County. They briefly mention some favorite restaurants, particularly sushi places.

Finally, they delve into the intricacies of planning cruises, addressing common concerns and the personalized assistance Arthur provides to his clients, such as rate adjustments and detailed pre-trip guidance. The episode concludes with a discussion about different cruise options, including ocean cruises on large ships and river cruises on smaller vessels, highlighting the contrasting experiences and atmospheres of each.


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Podcast 22: This Thrift Store Gave Away ~$500K to The Community

Clothes Less Traveled began as a small storefront on Huddleston Road. MaryAnn Cox and Joan Velsmid needed a place to sell the merchandise arriving at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

The solution? Open up the first nonprofit thrift shop in Peachtree City, named “The Clothes Less Traveled” by Janet McGregor Dunn!

Clothes Less Traveled expanded three times at the Huddleston location, but continued to outgrow the space.

In 2006 we moved to our current location on Hwy 74. After a few years we expanded to a 25,000 square foot store selling quality donated goods at reasonable prices.

Since opening, our goal has been the same: to empower change in our community by giving away our profits in the form of grants to local charities, as well as scholarships. Thanks to our generous donors, faithful volunteers, and loyal shoppers, we have been able to give away more than $7.5 million to over 100 local nonprofits!

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Podcast 21: Job Searching? Meet Dave

Dave O’Farrell has dedicated most of his adult life helping people achieve their goals. While he was still in high school, he coached a little league hockey team; in college he was a youth advisor at church. As a sales manager in his 20’s, he trained salespeople who were more than twice his age. Now O’Farrell helps people shorten their search, earn more money, and get better results.


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Podcast 20: Russell on Becoming a Writer at age 8 to The Mason Jar

James Russell's novels are on sale in book stores worldwide.

Lingerfelt's writings have been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines such as The Huffington Post, A New Mode, Thought Catalog, The Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, Good Guy Swag, and The Good Men Project. Lingerfelt keeps readers briefed at his blog, which has garnered over 6 million views.

In December 2019, Lingerfelt's third novel, Young Vines was released in book stores world wide. His fourth novel, The Portrait of Samantha Yale, was published in November 2021. If you would like to write James Russell Lingerfelt or book him for a speaking engagement.



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Podcast 19: A Non-invasive Approach to Optimum Health (Ft. Dr. Philip J. Crane, D.C.)

Dr. Philip J. Crane, D.C., is an Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor who partners with athletes and individuals who seek physical peak performance.

Phil’s non-invasive approach to optimum health focuses on a full-body approach to care getting to the root cause of your problem fast.

He grew up watching how much chiropractic and AK helped his dad’s patients and wanted to grow up helping people in the same way. His exposure to chiropractic care started when he was born when his father (also a chiropractor) “caught” Phil because the midwives didn’t make it on time. And his first words were “occiput,” “vertebra,” and “subluxation” because of his exposure to the benefits of chiropractic care at a young age.

He is a graduate of McIntosh High School and a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. During his studies, he became certified in Applied Kinesiology, was involved in the X-Ray Intern program and Sherman College Lyceum. Additionally, Dr. Crane served as President of the Applied Kinesiology Club.

Today, he is a resident of Peachtree City, where he and his wife, Dr. Gillian J. Crane, have a love/hate relationship with home improvement. They have two fur babies, Beau (mixed breed) and Zeus (Italian Greyhound) and can be found at Line Creek Brewery when he is not playing video games in their downtime.

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Podcast 18: Have a Less Sucky Divorce By Using This Service (Ft. Gail Nankervis)

Gail Nankervis' goal is to turn the divorce industry as we know it upside down!

She wants to create an environment where the divorce process is not adversarial, financially confusing, or unreasonably costly.

She believes that by providing thorough written financial analysis, recommended solutions, advice on negotiation, and a shoulder to lean on, she can help turn fear and uncertainty into peace and confidence at an affordable price. She is committed to a kinder, gentler, less sucky divorce process for all involved.

She helps clients who want a pro-se divorce (do-it-yourself, but with educated guidance and support from me). She also works with clients who already have lawyers, to help them best understand their financial position and make informed decisions. Her goal is to provide peace of mind through a difficult process.

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Podcast 17: They're Kind of Like Your Doctor's Office (Ft. Kelly Hines of Coweta Samaritan Clinic)

They could do nothing without the willing hearts and hands of those in our community.

Having received support from so many friends of the Clinic, they are intentional in finding creative ways to give back. Their timeline highlights milestones in the Clinic’s history, the benchmarks that fulfill our strategic plan, and the mutually beneficial relationships that make Coweta County a better, healthier place to live.

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